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How Senior Service Reviews Build Your Home Care Business

Let’s begin this article with a little thought experiment. I’d like you to imagine that you’re thirsty – super duper thirsty, absolutely parched. And in this scenario, you’ve got some change in your pocket, and you decide to go  buy a soda. When you think about buying that soda, it’s a fairly easy process: you know where to go to get a soda, you know what type of soda you want, and you know how much the soda is going to cost.  You don’t  need to talk to anyone about your soda-buying plans, because you’ve purchased soda many times before. You’re confident in your ability to buy a thirst quenching beverage.

Now let’s think about the person who needs to find home care for their parent or loved one.  This isn’t at all like buying a soda. Chances are that this person has never even considered home care services before. In business terms, we call these individuals the naive customer. They know nothing about what types of home care services are available, where to find in home care for seniors, or what that type of care is going to cost – or how they’re going to pay for it. This uncertainty means that this person is not confident in their ability to make a good home care decision.

Senior service reviews are a valuable tool consumers depend upon to help address areas of uncertainty and become more confident in their home care decision. Being able to access the unbiased, objective opinions of people who have trusted your home care business with their parents makes it easier for these customers to understand how you and your employees treat the people in your care. This understanding is an important factor in decision making: if your customer is confident that their parent will be well cared for by your senior care service, but they have no idea about the type of experience their parent would have at another home care business that has no reviews, they’re going to choose your home care for their parents. This is how senior service reviews build business: by providing consumers with the confidence they’re making a wise home care decision.


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