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LTC Expert Publications Announces the First of its Kind Home Care and Senior Service Reputation Management System Online

(St. Louis, MO, November 2012) LTC Expert Publications, the leading provider of home care leads and home care marketing online announces the launch of a new website


In the current economic environment all senior service businesses need to be managing their own reputation. It’s more important than ever that home care agencies, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and any other senior service provider know exactly what is being said about them online and work diligently to make sure that the testimonials and reviews online are positive, thoughtful, and authentic.


What About All of the BIG Online Review Sites?


Google, Yelp, Foursquare, Citisearch, and other online review sites are very appropriate, but more so for retail establishments, restaurants and entertainment venues. Senior service providers have different issues and are faced with a more emotional clientele.


For the last few years, getting a client or the adult child of an aging parent to leave a review on a website where they have to “create an account”, figure out the navigation, and then figure out how to leave a review, has been challenging. Will some adult children do this? Yes, but not the majority.


“It’s too time consuming to create an account, not to mention confusing- especially when it comes to Google. There’s just never been a really GOOD way to ask clients and families for online reviews until now.”, says Valerie VanBooven RN BSN Co-Owner of LTC Expert Publications.


Each Senior Service Provider Receives Their Own Mini Review Website and Tools. gives each senior service their own review site which is completely branded for their business in their local area.


  • The mini-site does not allow for advertising of other competing services.
  • Each site has built in software that will request reviews from clients via email as needed.
  • Each site will flag reviews below 4 stars so that the owner has a chance to speak with the client or their family member about any concerns.
  • All 4-5 star reviews can be instantly published to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • Each mini-review site is search engine optimized for the type of business and the local area, for example: “home care Bakersfield, CA” or “assisted living Houston, TX”
  • Each participating provider has access to their own site and full training on how to use it. (It’s easy!)


This system provides a long overdue service that is desperately needed for senior care companies nationwide. Best of all, it’s amazingly low cost. Even services without websites can use it as their own mini site.


“Every senior service needs to not only MONITOR their own reputation, but they need to HELP their own reputation by highlighting positive reviews on a third party, reputable website. Posting reviews on your own website doesn’t work as well, anyone can do that. It’s all about trust.” states George Novoson, Co- Owner of LTC Expert Publications.


For more information about visit them online. Sample senior service review sites are available on the main site or by clicking here.



Valerie VanBooven RN BSN


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