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Senior Care Marketing and the Importance of Getting Great Reviews and Testimonials

Word of mouth is the oldest form of marketing, and it’s the one form of marketing that’s endured through the ages. Your senior care business is no exception to this rule. If you want a successful senior care business and a successful website, you need great reviews and testimonials.

What reviews and testimonials do for you

Reviews and testimonials posted about your senior care business, on a third party website, help to engender a sense of trust in your business. Visitors to your testimonial pages see that other clients are happy with your care and your services, and it makes them more comfortable inquiring about how they can take advantage of those services.

Knowing that others are happy with your business makes website visitors more likely to become customers.

How to get great reviews and testimonials

You have several options for getting reviews and testimonials. Some are more effective than others:

  • Provide opportunities for clients to give testimonials. Provide your clients with regular opportunities to review your business through mailings, flyers, handouts, postcards and more. Include a feedback form with anything you send to a client in the mail.
  • Create a feedback “badge” on your website. A web-based feedback badge is a quick and easy way to start generating feedback and reviews. We can configure the feedback form to not post reviews immediately, but rather wait for an administrator to approve them. This helps you insure that negative reviews don’t show up on your site (and that you’re still aware of them so you can address the reviewer’s concerns).
  • Take advantage of Facebook Business Pages. Facebook allows you to create a ‘business’ page for your senior care business. When someone searches for your business, your Facebook Business page will show up. On that page, we place a button. By clicking on the button, visitors can enter reviews, both starred reviews as well as written reviews.
  • Ask satisfied clients for a review. You can also target specific clients that you know are happy with your business, and ask them if they’d take a few minutes to say a few kind words about their experiences.

Reviews and testimonials should be an essential part of marketing your senior care business.

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