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Putting Your Senior Service Business’ Best Face Forward by Showing off Your Testimonials.

By Valerie VanBooven RN BSN


The current generation of senior citizens has a lot going for them. With many of them being born either during World War II or immediately after, they enjoyedSenior Service Testimonials the opportunity of coming of age during the sixties and seventies, regarded by many as the peak years of the twentieth century.

When they reached the heights of their earning potential in the mid eighties, the wake of buying and spending power that the “baby boomers” generated allowed them to consolidate themselves financially through sensible acquisition of property, as well as setting money aside through savings and participation in pensions schemes, so that they would be more than be ready when their golden years arrived. And as these years began to approach, the baby boomer generation were further  blessed by the growing realization that, thanks  to considerable and  ongoing advances in medical research that took place in their generation,  their lives were looking to  be both considerably  longer and healthier than the generation that came before them.

There is little argument that no previous generation have  approached retirement age better equipped financially, physically and intellectually to enjoy these hard earned years to the maximum.

The baby boomers have accumulated not only considerable buying power but also the self-confidence and life experience to know exactly what they are looking for. They are less susceptible to the pressure and temptations of high-powered advertising and empty promises than their children and even more so their children’s children. Make no mistake about it, the senior citizens of today are wiser and more strong-willed than they are given credit for and it’s difficult to pull the wool over their eyes.

That’s the reason why anyone operating a business geared towards providing a service to people around retirement age, would be well advised to do their homework well in advance. This should prepare them to be asked some very leading questions on the extent of their service, and even more so to provide proof that their company is capable of meeting their expectations.

While it is highly acceptable practice to explain in depth what exactly a company can provide in the way of services or products, specifically geared towards the fast growing band of senior citizens. In general companies need to learn how to approach this market who are liable to be a lot less impressed with the latest audiovisual presentation than they would be to discover that people like themselves have used the particular company’s products or services and have found them to be acceptable.

And that means being able to show that you have met the expectations of others through the ability to show actual verifiable testimonials. 

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