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9 Reputation Management Tips for Your Home Care Agency

When you really come down to it, your agency’s name is everything! A bad name can cost you customers, affect sales, and turn away potential partners.home care reviews It is important to take charge in managing your reputation and ensuring that your agency’s name is well-respected. You must be vigilant and regularly monitor what is being said about you. If a bad review or something potentially damaging does arise, it’s important you know how to deal with it properly.

Let’s take a peek at 8 tips for improving your home care agency’s website to ensure your reputation remains untarnished.

Tip 1: Use Your Agency’s Name When Optimizing Your Website

Did you know that your own name is actually the most vital keyword that you should be using on your website? Search engines read websites in a particular fashion given what keywords are being used. If you regularly include your agency’s name throughout your website, search engines will “see” that you are an authority in the home care field. In turn, your website will rank better and boost your traffic.

Tip 2: Ensure Your Web Presence Has Variety

When your website has variety it increased your chances on appearing on search engines. A good goal to have is to try to have your agency’s website in as many top 10 search spots as possible. If your website appears as top search results you are doing two things: proving you are an authority while also limiting any negative content. Aside from having a website, being an active blogger and using social media networks frequently are very important in achieving this goal. There are many social media networks that search engines love. If you have limited time, focus your energy on LinkedIn.

Tip 3: Improve Your Name Through Anchor Text on Other Websites

Though it isn’t a surprise, when your agency name appears on other websites it improves your search engine ranking and reputation simultaneously. Anchor text is essentially a hyperlink. For example, let’s say that a prominent home care agency blog wanted to highlight your business. If the article included anchor text such as “excellent home care agency in Colorado” that led to your website, search engines will associate that phrase with your website. Be careful to not overdo this technique or you could be demoted if hyperlinks are used too aggressively.

Tip 4: Make It A Habit to Check Your Ranking Once A Month

Take a moment once a month, minimum, to Google your agency’s name. When doing this, check at least to the third page of search results. The purpose of this is to see how well you are doing and to also combat negative content before it reaches the first and second page.  If you do find negative content (or blog comments), contact the creator of it to see if you could work around it or solve the issue. Keep an ongoing spreadsheet of information to monitor your ranking and what pages are competing with yours.

Tip 5: Maintain Your Reputation Offline As Well

Keep in mind that while your online reputation is very important, don’t slack with your offline reputation. You can bet that if a customer isn’t happy with your service, they will likely bring this into the internet world. Be sure you treat your clients and customers like gold and then encourage them to review your agency on a website like Yelp. Improve your offline reputation and your online reputation will improve as well.

Tip 6: Pay Special Attention To Your Press Releases

Similarly to Tip 1, include your agency’s name as a keyword when possible in press releases. Press releases do contribute to your rank on search engines. Excellently written press releases that highlight you agency’s name along with proper keywords will rank themselves on search engines. This will help you get more positive and neutral information about your agency on the search engine’s top 10 results.

Tip 7: Don’t Forget To Monitor Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an excellent source and can support your business’s reputation. The problem is, anyone can edit a Wikipedia page. If you discover an issue with your Wikipedia page you should contact the Wiki community and ask if anyone could fix it. It is best to never attempt to edit your Wiki page yourself as this is considered a “conflict of interest”. A properly written Wikipedia page should rank easily within the top 10 search results, even number 2 or 3.

Tip 8: Be Patient and Diligent

Managing your reputation properly takes time and care. If you have a fairly new web presence, start this time of reputation management now! Don’t wait. On the other hand, if you’ve discovered that your online reputation isn’t exactly the best, don’t fret. Follow these tips and regularly commit to providing better content and invite happy clients to write reviews. With some hard work you’ll be able to suppress any negative content and let your agency really shine.

Tip 9: Collect Testimonials and Reviews on a Third Party Reputable Website

Making sure that your testimonials are showing up on a third party website increases credibility and trust instantly. provides an easy way for your best clients to leave reviews without the hassle of logging in to a new account. It’s also another opportunity for your business to show up on the first page of Google, moving the competition to the second page.

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