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Home Care Marketing: An Insider’s Guide To Home Care Reviews and Reputation Management

Stephen M., who owns and operates a home care agency in (ANYTOWN), didn’t even know his business reputation was being personal11trashed online until his daughter-in-law brought it to his attention.


“She came to me and said, “Look! When you do a Google search on the business, this is what comes up.”  There were two dozen separate reviews – all from one woman who’d had a hard time adjusting to the fact that her Mother was near the end of her days. You know the type. For her, nothing was ever right.” Stephen shook his head. “The reviews were horrible. Words totally misspelled, all capital letters, that sort of thing. So I didn’t think too much of it. I said to my daughter-in-law, “This doesn’t make me look bad, does it?” and she said, “Dad, I hate to tell you, it doesn’t make you look good.”


Home Care Reputation Management: The Impact of User Reviews


Stephen’s daughter-in-law is right. User reviews, particularly those hosted on third party independent sites, are among the most highly-valued and trusted information web site visitors use to help them decide what home care agency they want to trust with their parents, partner, or other loved one.


Search Engine Land, an industry journal devoted to online marketing, recently reported the results of a Local Consumer Review Study  which indicated that 72% of consumers trusted online reviews as much as they trusted in person recommendations. We’ve known for a long time about the power of word-of-mouth in home care marketing. Now online reviews are regarded as just as powerful and influential.


It can be frustrating for home care agency owners to learn that outside of extremely exceptional circumstances, most independent review sites will not remove negative reviews. However, this does not mean you’re powerless in the world of home care reputation management. There are steps you can take to improve your business’ image online.


Today’s consumers are sophisticated. They understand that people are far more likely to post negative reviews than positive ones. Rather than rely on a single user review to form their own opinion, users prefer to read many reviews in order to get as broad and comprehensive a picture as possible.


That’s why it is important that you have as many positive reviews about your home care agency posted as possible! Many people begin their exploration of reputation management in the hopes of containing any bad comments, but the real value in reputation management begins when you have your customers identifying and articulating what’s great about your home care agency.


It is completely appropriate for you to solicit commentary and reviews from your customer base, both for use on your own website and to be posted to independent third party review sites. Explaining to your customers that it is their thoughts and opinions that can help other people, just like them, find the best home care for their parents, is provides exactly the motivation people need to take action and post their positive reviews.


Third party review sites can play a pivotal role in marketing your home care agency – but you have to be smart, strategic, and proactive in your approach. Are you ready to learn the best way to make good use of low-cost, high-value independent user reviews of your home care business? Contact us today. We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

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