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Your Online Reputation and Why it Could be Ruining Your Senior Care Business (Maybe You Have None at All!?)

Your mother always taught you not to talk to strangers, but statistics are showing that this is exactly what consumers are doing when trying to make decisions group_chat_interaction_400_clr_9894 regarding purchasing products and services in the senior care market.

Well, they aren’t exactly talking to these strangers, but it is estimated that 70% of consumers admit to strongly considering the opinions expressed in online reviews when making these decisions.

A staggering 4 out of 5 consumers commonly decide not to make purchases based on finding negative reviews from complete strangers on the internet.

Compound this issue with the face that the vast majority of your other senior care marketing strategies—including your email, TV spots, social media and direct mail—are specifically designed to generate traffic for your senior service website. If the reputation that you have online is damaged—or, just as bad, doesn’t exist at all—you are likely to push potential customers directly to your senior care competitors that have built a better online rep.

This illustrates just one thing: it is critical that you focus on your online reputation if you care about your senior care business’s success.

Think of it this way: you have spent years building relationships with your customers by delivering a fantastic senior service business with great customer service. You have heard great feedback and feel confident.

Unfortunately, you’ve noticed that your senior care business is not growing. You aren’t getting as many new customers as you would expect and your sales are not being generated as quickly. Then you discover that a former customer (or hacked off employee) who had a negative experience with you is posting completely contorted reviews making things out to be much worse than they actually were. Because your satisfied customers aren’t leaving positive reviews or engaging with you on your social media platforms ( if you have any!), if any prospective customers search you out online all they are getting is the negative impression—which could result in a serious loss of business.

It all boils down to this: if your online reputation isn’t on your radar, you are at the mercy of those negative reviews and letting them ruin your senior service business.

When it comes to your online reputation,   the first thing that you have to keep in mind is simple monitoring.

Run a search engine inquiry of your business on a weekly basis and set up Google Alerts to let you know when any mentions of your business have showed up online. Find out the sites that are most prevalent in your market and regularly review them to see how you are performing on them.

To streamline keeping track of your reviews, sign up on a site such as so that you will constantly have your reviews in sight. 

Next you must set your sights on gathering more positive reviews.

Implement programs that encourage your customers to leave positive reviews on  a third party credible website.  More emphasis is placed on reviews that were submitted recently, so encouraging new reviews from genuine customers should be a continuous project.

Finally, if you do end up with a negative review, don’t let it totally panic you. Respond to the review in a public way so that other customers can see that you aren’t afraid to confront issues and make them right. Be completely transparent in your efforts and avoid generic “I apologize for your experience. Please call me” responses. In the end, if you are focused on building a strong company and great customer relationships, the positive reviews that you earn will weather the occasional, and inevitable, dissatisfied customer.

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