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The Trouble with Home Care Reviews

Trouble? Did I  say “TROUBLE” with Home Care Reviews?

Well, yes, there are many. There are also many troubles with reviews for restaurants, movies, painters, plumbers and just about any business Trouble with Home Care Reviewsthat exists today. It’s not just the home care industry, and there are ways to get past this issue. Let’s explore the problems and the solutions….

Here is a list of some common problems with home care reviews:

  1. The age group of the clients and their adult children make it difficult to obtain online reviews. These folks are often NOT web savvy.
  2. Have you ever tried to leave a review on Google or Yelp without logging in? Impossible. Which means you have to have an account, which means you have to know how to create an account, which means a LOT OF TIME.
  3. Disgruntled employees. Enough said.
  4. Competitors with a lot of time on their hands to try to anonymously make your business look bad online. It happens. We have seen the results. When this happens on Google, Yelp, or any other “Big” review site, getting those dishonest reviews taken down is nearly impossible.
  5. Customer complaints that have been resolved, but remain online for YEARS. This happens.
  6. Anyone can copy and paste a bunch of testimonials on to a page on their website. Zero value.
  7. Most review sites geared to the home care industry will list your reviews and then conveniently list your local competitors right next to you. Zero value.
  8. Most reviews on review sites are not search engine optimized, residing on a page all their own. They are just a mish-mash of reviews all on one page. Zero value.
  9. Sites like , , ,, – shall I go on? Type in the name of ANY home care franchise group in a Google Search ie….”abc home care complaints“, and you will tons of negativity online. Type in your own home care agency name…along with the word “complaint”. What do you see? Hopefully nothing at all!

Why Bother with Home Care Reviews?

I just listed 9 top reasons why you should be diligently collecting positive reviews and testimonials from clients, referral sources, and happy employees.

Bury the negativity.

This is what we call “home care reputation management”.

It’s all about survival of the fittest in this economic environment, so every edge counts.

How Does a Home Care Agency Avoid the Top 9 Problems with Home Care Reviews?

You guessed it. Why?

Let’s list ’em:

  1. We make it easy to collect reviews online (no account set up required by anyone) and on paper (we provide the feedback forms).
  2. Negative reviews do not see the light of day unless YOU approve them. Why? We feel that negative reviews are a customer service issue that needs to be addressed between you (the company) and the party who is not happy. Call us old fashioned, but we think it’s a matter best resolved with a phone call or a meeting, not a series of online bashing comments going back and forth.
  3. The reviews you collect or have your clients enter are certified, which in our case means that you can prove the client was really a client and that these are his or her words, not yours.
  4. In the senior service industry we don’t expect to have hundreds of online reviews like a popular restaurant might have. A dozen reviews is a lot for a home care agency! One malicious false review can literally ruin your reputation in a matter of minutes. You don’t have the time or the energy to fight that fight. So bury the crazy with the good.
  5. All of the reviews on are search engine optimized for your local area. So, if someone looks up home care in Bakersfield CA, they will probably find that Ally Senior Care has some awesome 5 star reviews out there on the first page.  (And the stars do show up, which makes you stand out!)
  6. No local competitors are ever listed near your name on your site…it’s literally YOUR mini-review site.

So we have solved the online review dilemma in short order by creating a site that does what it’s supposed to do… people in your local community know how you have helped so many others just like them.

Instant trust and credibility is the name of the game. You need it. Your clients want it.

Enroll for the only online home care testimonial service that does the job right the first time!




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