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FAQ About Senior Service Review Packages

Have questions?  No problem … check out our FAQ below.

Q: Can I share the review on my social media sites?

A: Yes. Each review is on an individual review page. You can either share it manually by clicking on one of the share buttons, or if you have one of our premium packages we’ll set it up to share automatically on Facebook and Twitter.

Q: Can a reviewer share the review on their social media sites?

A: Yes, when you receive a positive review, the reviewer is invited to share it on their social profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.


Q: Can I edit the reviews?

A: No. To maintain the integrity of the review, you cannot edit it.

Q: Is the review engine mobile friendly?

A: Yes. All review engines are mobile-responsive, meaning they will adjust to the size of mobile devices.

Q: Does a review automatically post to Google+Local?

A: No. There is no way for us to do that. Unfortunately Google has made it harder to leave reviews because a user must have both a Google account and a Google+ account. This is why we’ve made it really simple to leave reviews on your review engine. For our REPUTATION PRO PACKAGE, we also have a built-in system that allows you to ask for reviews on Google+Local or Yelp via email. If the user doesn’t have an account on that particular review site, then it will direct them back to your review engine.

Q: Will this help my rankings in the search engines for my preferred keywords?

A: Reviews, social mentions, and local directory listings can all have an impact on your search rankings. Depending on your keyword competition, however, you may need to implement additional local SEO strategies to get ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Q: Do you list competing companies on my review engine?

A: No. Unlike many other review sites, your review engine is designed to be about YOU, not about us or your competition.

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