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How do I market and promote my good reputation?

Once you have gathered positive reviews via your review engine, you want to market your reputation in as many ways as you can.  Here are some examples;

  • Social media promotion
  • Web site promotion
  • Press releases
  • Video reviews (reputation videos)
  • Email newsletters
  • Business flyers and marketing material
  • In your sales process

Social Media:

For premium members, we automatically set it up so that all published reviews are shared on your Facebook and Twitter profiles.  On Facebook, you can “share” that link from your business page to your personal profile to get additional social media promotion.  However, we wouldn’t recommend that you do this with every review that you receive unless you use your personal profile a lot for business.

Web Site:

There are a number of ways to promote your reviews on your web site and web properties.


All members have access to seniorservicereviews “badges” – small graphics that you can use on your web site.  These are located on the bottom of the front page of your dashboard once you have logged in.  You can choose the size you want, click on it, and copy the code to give to your webmaster.  They will know what to do with it.


Review page on your web site (Premium Feature)

If you are a premium member, we can help you create a new page on your web site and actually pull the reviews directly into this page so they display on your site.  This is a great way to showcase the reviews that you are gathering.  In order to do this, we need administrative access to your web site, or we can work with your webmaster and have them set it up for you (we provide instructions).

RSS feeds (Premium Feature)

As a premium member, you can incorporate your reviews into any RSS feed and display your review in many different places.

Press Releases:

While you generally wouldn’t send out a press release after every review, we think it is a great idea to use press releases when you reach milestones, such as ten 5 star reviews.  This is great press … and very inexpensive.  While we don’t generally provide this service for you, we can point you in the right direction.

Video Reviews and Reputation Videos (Premium Feature – Pro Members):

Any time you can capture your customers saying great things about you on video is a great day!  A video review is a very powerful tool and doesn’t take fancy equipment – you can even capture video reviews via your iPhone or Android device.  As a Pro member, we will edit a video for you with your logo and a call to action (such as “Call today!”), load it to your YouTube channel, and keyword it properly for the search engines.  We do one of these per quarter.

Another form of video review is what we call a reputation video.  This is a special video that we produce for you using a combination of pictures, music, and an actual written review from a customer.  We produce it, load it to YouTube, and keyword it properly for the search engines.  This type of video is especially well suited to businesses that have project pictures that go along with a written review, such as contractors, landscapers, etc.  It is a great way to show off your work along with the review itself.  We provide Pro members with a choice of either producing a reputation video or editing a video review once per quarter.

Email Newsletters:

Do you have an email newsletter?  If so, it’s a great idea to include one or two reviews sprinkled through the newsletter to showcase the good work that you are doing.  Plus, it is always a good idea to 1) ask for reviews, and 2) have a link to your existing reviews in your newsletter.

Business Flyers, Marketing Materials, and Ads:

Once you’ve gathered good reviews, you want to make sure and include several outstanding 5 star reviews in your marketing material.  People are now used to seeing the “Stars” so go ahead and use the 5 star graphic along with the text of the review.  Always provide the URL of your review engine as well, inviting them to “Read more reviews at”…

Sales Process:

If you have great reviews – you definitely should be showcasing them in your sales process when you work with prospective customers.  This is especially true if you have great reviews, and your competitors do not.  By all means, point out the difference between you and your competitors.  This is a powerful thing!

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