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What are my review publishing options? How do I publish a review?

The system gives you complete control over how you publish your reviews!

The settings are located under Premium Settings, but are actually available to all members.

Review Publishing Options:

You have three choices on how you want to publish reviews;

  1. Publish all reviews immediately (default option for all Lite members)
  2. Moderate all reviews (default option for all premium members)
  3. Publish automatically in 3 or 7 days.  This still gives you the option to view the review before it goes live, but then allow it to publish without any further interaction from you.
The review publishing options work in tandem with the Positive Review Threshold settings.
For example, if you select 3 stars as your positive review threshold (default for all members), selecting the publish all reviews immediately option above will publish all 3, 4, and 5 star reviews immediately.  1 and 2 star reviews would still create a review in the system, but they would not publish immediately and are used primarily as internal feedback … and an opportunity to reach out to the customer to make it right with them.

If you have your review publishing options set to “moderate all reviews”, you can view them prior to publishing them.  Here’s how you publish your reviews:

1. Open up a browser and login to your admin dashboard
(view instructions on How do I login to my dashboard?)

2. Click on “My Reviews” on the left hand side of your Dashboard








3. Pending reviews will be red and published reviews will be grey. To publish a pending review, click on the title of the review

4. Read your pending review. When you are ready to publish it, simply click on the red Publish button.

It will now be live on your review engine.


Automated Social Media Sharing (Premium Feature):

For our premium members, we set it up so that once a review is published, it is automatically shared on your organization’s Facebook Timeline fan page (not your personal profile) as well as your Twitter profile.  Again, we set all of this up for you as part of the premium package and is a great way to generate positive content on your social media pages.

Here is an example of how it looks on your Facebook fan page:

What if I don’t have a premium package, can I still share it on my Facebook page and other social media sites?

Yes!! Each review is on it’s own page, and we provide easy sharing tools to share the review.

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