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How do I personalize and setup my review engine?

setup-menuMost of this work has already been done for you, but here’s a tutorial in case you would like to make any changes.

When your review engine is first created, you will need to personalize it by setting up your company branding, information, and categories.

If you purchased one of our premium packages (Pro), you can generally skip this step as we will be setting this up for you based on information that you provide to us. You can, however, modify information later if you’d like.

Until you complete the personalization, your review engine won’t be fully functional … so you want to make sure to do this right away.

Step 1:  Click on Setup

This is where you setup and edit your company details.   It is also where you can add a header / logo to brand your review engine for your company.


Setup Sections

Headers & Logo:

This is where you can upload site headers and your company logo to be displayed on your review engine.

  1. Desktop header.  This is the header on your site when viewed from a desktop computer.  The recommended size is 940 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall and will automatically be resized to 150 pixels tall.
  2. Mobile header.  This is the header on your site that will be seen when viewed on a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone.  The recommended size is 459 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall, and will automatically be resized to 150 pixels tall.
  3. Logo.  This is for your logo only and will automatically resize to 64 pixels wide by 64 pixels tall.  This is a square format.

If you don’t have a graphics program such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to create these graphics, you can usually find a friend who does.  You can also use free online programs like to resize and edit files.

Business Information:

This is where you add all of your company details.  Completing this is an important step to some of the functionality and links on your review engine.


You can enter two keywords for your review engine, which helps create a keyword optimized link from your review engine to your web site.  This is helpful in the search engines’ eyes.

Google Map:

You Google map is usually generated automatically when you input your address under business information.  However, if for some reason it isn’t displaying properly on your review engine, you can enter a direct URL to your map here.  You can also choose to turn off your map display by clicking on the box “Hide Google map entirely”.

About Us:

This is where you can enter a brief description of your organization and what you do.

Social Profiles:

To include links to your social media profiles, you can enter in the URL’s here for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.

Preferred Partners:

This is a special section on your review engine where you can passively refer others to friends and referral partners who are also using a review engine.

We allow you to link to up to three partners.  All you have to do is type in their username in the box provided.  You can search for other users by using our directory at:

Don’t forget to SAVE SETTINGS whenever you make changes that you want to keep!!

Setting up your Categories

Your review engine “Rate & Review” form has a drop-down section that gives the reviewer a chance to select what product or service was provided.categories-menu

You can setup and edit the categories that you have on your form by clicking on the categories menu option.

When your review engine is created, by default there is only one category called “Other”. Think of categories as your main products or services.

Setting up your categories properly will improve the functionality and effectiveness of your review engine.

To add a new category:

  1. Click on Categories
  2. Type in a category name in the Name field.
  3. Click on the Add New Category button

To edit a category:

  1. Click on Categories
  2. Click on the category that you want to edit
  3. Edit the name in the Name field.
  4. Click on the red Update button to save your changes

Note: you generally don’t want to edit the category “slug” if you have already received reviews in that particular category, as it would break any links on your social media web sites that currently link to that review.

Premium Settings:

The premium settings page is primarily for members who have purchased one of our premium.  However, it also contains your review publishing options.  By default, your review engine is set to modify all reviews if you have a premium package, and to publish all reviews automatically if you have a Lite package.  You can change the settings here.

These are currently the settings that you can modify in this section;

  • Review publishing options and positive review threshold (All members)
  • A special offer on your review page (Premium Feature)
  • A token of appreciation award after a review is placed (Premium Feature)
  • Links to your other primary review sites, like Google+Local, Yelp, Insider Pages, and SuperPages.  This is used in both the email autoresponder and the “Ask for Reviews” form.  (Premium Feature)

User Profile: 

This is where you can change your personal user profile that you use to login. Things like your full name (which is displayed if you leave comments on your reviews), your email address, password, etc. You can’t, however, change your username.

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