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Quick Start Guide: How to get 10 reviews in your first 30 days!

Drop everything you are doing and read this quick start guide right now. It is critical to develop your strong reputation base as quickly as possible.  If you are spending dollars on advertising and marketing, and don’t have a positive online reputation, you are likely throwing money away.

Our goal is for you to gather your first 10 reviews in the first 30 days!  

We want you to succeed in getting reviews … quickly!  The faster you gather your first 10 reviews, the more buzz you create about your company in a concentrated period of time, and the faster you create your good reputation online.  So whether you are just getting started with our system, or perhaps you need a jumpstart, here is our recommendation on how to get your first 10 reviews quickly.

Step 1:  Identify 20-30 of your top “raving fans” and ask for a review

Most businesses have their “A” clients … the raving fans and clients that have used your service and recommend you every chance they get.  Identify your top 20-30, and ask them for a review.  It’s okay to be honest and tell them that you need their help implementing a new reputation marketing strategy, that it is really important, and that it will really help you grow your business.  However, be authentic and ask your real customers to leave you a review, not just your mom and her friends.  🙂  The more authentic the review, the better!!  If you are just starting out in business and don’t have a lot of clients yet, approach people who can give you a character review instead based on a previous working relationship.

Use the “Ask For A Review” form in your dashboard, send them a personal email, or talk to them in person.  Use a sense of urgency to get them to act now.  You can even offer to write a review of their business in return (this works great!) if you are a customer (don’t make up reviews).  Be authentic, be honest, and ask!  Remember, you want to generate your first 10 reviews in the first 30 days.

Not everybody will write you a review, so don’t take it personally.

Don’t ask everybody at once.  We recommend contacting one person a day for 20-30 days.  It is more natural to receive reviews over time, particularly if you are directing them to your Google+Local listing (see optional text below).  Too many reviews in a short period of time will likely get your reviews flagged as review spam.

Here is an example script or email text that you could use:

Hi [firstname],

Would you mind doing me a huge favor?  I have started to realize how important online reviews are for my business, and I am implementing a reputation marketing campaign immediately to help me build a strong online reputation.  I know you have been a great client for us, and I would love it if you can write a review for us asap?  This is really important for our business – I wouldn’t ask with such urgency if it weren’t.  

(Optional – send them to Google+Local first)
If you have a Google+ account, you can write a review here:
[Your Google+Local link] 

If you don’t have a Google+Local account (or have no idea what I’m talking about), no worries!  You can leave us a review at this web site:
[] (substitute your username)

Thank you so much for helping me build my business and writing a review today!  I really appreciate it.  

[your name and business]

Note: We never, ever want you to make up reviews or post fake reviews.  This is a doomed strategy as consumers will see right through it.  Resist the urge … just say no!

If you don’t know how to find your Google+Local listing:

Do a search in Google using “your company name” + “city” + “state”.  Your Google+Local listing usually shows up prominently in the search results and has an address and map marker next to it.

If you already have reviews, the link will say “X Google Reviews”.  If you don’t have reviews, the link will say “Google+ Page”.  Click on the link, and then copy the URL / web address.  This is your Google+Local listing. It should look something like this:

Step 2: Ask for a review on your social media sites

If you have a Facebook page, either personally or for your business, you will want to ask for a review immediately.  You can do the same on Twitter, Linkedin, and any other social media site where you have an audience.

Here is an example of what to say on Facebook or Linkedin:

Calling all raving fans!  If you’ve done business with us, we’d love to have you write a review of our services.  We value your opinion and know that others would as well.  Tell us what you loved about doing business with us here;
[] (substitute your username)

On Twitter:

Calling all raving fans!  If you’ve done business with us, we’d love to have you tell us what you loved about us 

(Notice the shortened link)

We recommend posting this every 10 days for the first 30 days along with other content that you post.  If you’re not posting anything else, you will only want to do it once … but you may be in need of a social media strategy if that is the case 🙂

Step 3: Ask for a review in your billing statements

Many businesses bill or invoice their client’s once a month.  If this is how you operate, go ahead and ask for a review on your statements or in your billing email.  You can use similar text that we’ve provided above, depending on how much room you have.

Step 4: Ask your networking group for a review

Many businesses belong to a networking group like BNI, a chamber of commerce, LeTip, etc.  This is a great place to ask for a review.  However, it is very important to ask people who have actually done business with you to leave a review … not just everybody in the group.  Google+Local and other review sites specifically caution against using this strategy because of the temptation of having people make up reviews.  Again, we want authentic reviews from real customers.  The cool thing about networking groups is that you have often done business with many of them in the group as well, so it makes it easy to reciprocate and write a review for them too.

Most networking groups meet weekly, which means you have several opportunities during the month to explain what you are doing and ask for a review.

Step 5: Ask for reviews from every new customer you do business with

As you are taking the other steps to get reviews as outlined above, go ahead and get in the daily habit of asking for reviews from the customers that you deal with every day.

Use these strategies and you will get reviews.  Be polite, authentic, and sincere … but don’t forget to add some urgency to the request, particularly with your top raving fans.

Thank you!

For more helpful tips read: How Do I Ask for a Reviews and Develop a Positive Reputation

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