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Lares Home Care As An Indispensable Resource


5 out of 5 - by on Mar 01, 2019

Lares Home Care has been a phenomenal resource in my good friend Carl’s transition into an assisted living facility. When my friend could no longer care for himself in his home, he turned to me. He had never married and all of his family had predeceased him. We secured a unit for him in the Willows, but it soon became clear that Carl had deteriorated quickly and significantly, and that he was going to require considerable help to be able to make a successful transition into assisted living.

His caregivers from Lares are wonderful. They are kind and compassionate, and they treat my friend like family. Carl was worse than disheveled by the time he moved out of his house, and now every time I see him, he is well groomed and his clothes are clean and tidy. Although he is well beyond being self-sufficient, Carl’s care from Lares has made all the difference in the world. He recently opted to sell his house and to keep his aide permanently while residing at the Willows. The Lares personnel make his doctor’s appointments and get him to appointments outside the transportation radius for the Willows. They take excellent care of him for six hours each day. They are responsive to his needs, flexible about the schedule and collaborative with the staff at the Willows. Everyone agrees that Carl has never looked better.

If it were not for our kind friends at Lares Home Care, Carl would already be in a nursing home. We are indebted to Lares management and caregivers, and we highly recommend their services.


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