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I Want To Thank You For Finding Me The Perfect Caregiver


5 out of 5 - by on Jul 18, 2014

I want to thank your team for finding me the PERFECT caregiver, Mildred is a great match and she has exceeded our expectations. Great job!

From the day she came, we were impressed. With past caregivers we have had to create list of what was needed. To our delight, Mildred was proactive from the moment she arrived and managed to do more than we expected. She arrived early, started working immediately and never stopped doing things for me the entire shift. She is also thoughtful and kind and has tremendous caregiving knowledge. She is also a cautious, safe driver. She anticipates my needs and had been very gentle when transporting, bathing, and dressing me as I have pain and sensitive skin. She always asks what my needs are.

I couldn’t believe how much she accomplishes in such as short amount of time. The first afternoon she cleaned up my room and emptied my suitcase from my recent trip. Somehow she found the right places to put things and she was able to organize things that were out of place. The meals she has pre-prepared have been healthy and delicious. She makes sure I eat enough and that I drink plenty of liquids. She does a great job of helping me out of bed and transferring me to and from my wheelchair. She is careful to make sure not to bump me when pushing the wheelchair. Before she leaves, she always makes sure I have everything I will need before my husband gets home.

The fantastic care Mildred provides has already made an impact on my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She had done a tremendous job of relieving the stress my husband and I had been experiencing. Everything she does, is done with care. She is one of the best caregivers I have ever had. Thank you for assigning her to me.


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