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5 out of 5 - by on Nov 19, 2016

Although I am an employee of the Care Street Mercer County office, this past week I took on a new role of needing help for a family member. So different when your on the other side. One call was all it took for Dr. Shelly to take right over and while I was dealing with the hospital, finding a rehab, and all the in betweens. He had all the care set up, came and to meet me at the facility, sat with my family and took TIME, time to make sure we knew he was their, TIME to help talk about the what is gonna happen next, TIME to just tell us to go relax and let Care Street help.

To my aides: Thank you, does not seem like enough, you guys jumped right in as told me it will be okay, you treat our Grandfather as if he was yours. We are so grateful and at peace.

To Dr. Shelly: Thank You for allowing us to be the family and not the caretakers, Thank You for giving a peaceful mind. Not sure where we would be without you and your entire TEAM!!


Tracey & Marc Abramson


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