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I Would Highly Recommend 1Heart Caregiver Services


5 out of 5 - by on Jun 01, 2016

Caregiver Services provided full-time care for an elderly (97) man for a year and ten months until his death. We had tried three other agencies and about ten other caregivers before we were referred to Caregiver Services. From the beginning of our association we were struck with the quality of the caregivers we provided and their flexibility in providing for the needs of their client. We were impressed by their attention to their staff – ensuring that they had the training and tools they needed and were comfortable in the situation.

Caregiver Services provided the primary caregiver. The client’s grandson provided care two or three days per week. In the rare event that either of these individuals was unavailable, California Medical Resources supplied an excellent substitute, even once using someone from another agency.

The care provided included dressing, bathing, toiling, preparing meals, taking the client out for “walks” in his wheelchair – and sharing lunch at local cafes, and helping the client to do some walking. One of the important things the caregiver did was to encourage the client to talk, play cards, and to interact with those around him. Left on his own he would have slept all the time.

Towards the end, the client became increasingly agitated and would wake up several times during the night. The caregivers were patient and understanding.

We have no hesitation in recommending Caregiver Services and would be willing to talk to anyone who would like more information.


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