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5 out of 5 - by on Jun 09, 2016

My father cared for my aged mother, who has dementia, until his death last June. When he passed away, we faced a family crisis. We wanted my mother, aged 90, to remain in her home of over 60 years but she could not live alone. After contacting several agencies we decided to interview Caregiver Services. I am so happy we did. Caregiver Services came out to the house with Maria, a cheerful, friendly, personable woman who immediately befriended my mother. Maria was great from the start.

However, because my mother requires care 24/7, we also needed a “reliever” caregiver so Maria could have some time off. We were not happy with the first reliever caregiver. Caregiver Services immediately provided a second reliever caregiver to try out. We ended up trying out and rejecting three reliever caregivers until we found Arcy, the sweetest, kindest, most pleasant woman imaginable. Arcy is a jewel.

I would like to thank Caregiver Services for their patience and understanding as we went through the process of trying out different caregivers. Caregiver Services tried hard to find the right caregivers for us and never lost patience. My mother is now 91 and, with the help of Maria and Arcy, is happy and content living in her own home.

We have no hesitation in recommending Caregiver Services and would be willing to talk to anyone who would like more information.


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